A new dance school within Brancaccio Theatre

Brancacciodanza is a new dance school born in 2020 within the Brancaccio Theatre, one of the main theatre in Rome and in Italy. Brancacciodanza was created with the aim both to welcome students aged up to 24 years old but also internationally renowned choreographers and dancers.

BrancaccioDanza is a specialized centre where cultivate and transmit the passion for dance, and performing art in general, born from the desire of Alessandro Longobardi, artistic director of the Brancaccio Theatre, to open up to the training and research of dance. To achieve this purpose he built large and bright multifunctional dance studios within a big green park on the upper floor of the theatre and just ten minutes walk from the main roman train station.

BrancaccioDanza wants to inspire new generations of dancers combininig sustainable architecture, artistic practice and immersive experiences in nature in one of the most fascinating places of the capital.

BrancaccioDanza is open both to those who want to experience dance as a passion and personal vocation and to those who want to undertake a professional path.

BrancaccioDanza is lead by a double artistic direction entrusted to Alessia Gatta, international teacher and choreographer of the [RITMI SOTTERRANEI] contemporary dance company and to Alessandro Rende maître de ballet and dancer at the Opera House in Rome.  Two directors who act with the scope to train a complete and cultured dancer specialized in ballet or contemporary dance.

BrancaccioDanza offers two trainig programs: the school and a professional dance program for young dancers up to 24 years. The school, up to the age of 18, provides an eight-year cycle of studies, ballet and contemporary dance, which gives to young students an adequate training to start a career or to continue their studies in the professional three-year program. The three-year program W.O.M. – where opposites meet is based on professional skills  working on research, experimentation, intersection and exchange of different artistic languages.

BrancaccioDanza is born to be a unique place with innovative training programs, highly qualified and international teachers, where students can grow up and discover their own artistic identity.

Technique, new artistic languages, socialization, psycho / physical well-being and culture are the main objectives for the new generations of dancers of the BrancaccioDanza.